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Any person who is considering being an umpire should refer to the links below or contact our Umpire Ambassador at

You don't have to be a player (although it helps!), if you know a friend who wants to umpire, check out the link below.

For more information or to ask how to join one of the umpire regions, please contact Umpire Development Coordinator- Dylan Moore on or 0450 284 570.


The interpretation and application of the laws of the game are applied by the Umpire in accordance with the "spirit of the laws" (the philosophies underlying the laws).  A brochure outlining the Spirit of the Laws and the complete Laws of Australian Football is available from the Club President, the Umpiring Ambassador or by visiting


In the Under 10, Under 11 and Under 12 grades, modifications to the Laws of the Game have been introduced to provide an opportunity for players of all abilities to compete equally.  They are in addition to, or replace some of the Laws under which players from Under 13 to the AFL play.  These modified rules are available by visiting "".


Umpires in the Under 10 grade are usually experienced umpires as there is also a "coaching role" to be performed.  For Under 11s the Umpires are at least in their second year of Umpiring.  In the Under 12 grade the Umpires are First Year Umpires who are identified by wearing "Green Shirts".  They will usually be accompanied by an "Umpiring Mentor" whose role is to provide support, feedback to the Green Shirt Umpire at the breaks between quarters and if necessary to take control.


During a game the Umpire is under constant pressure to be in the right position to make the right decision.  The ability in making split-second decisions is very much based on the level of confidence of an Umpire.  As is the case of players, Umpires do make mistakes, and in most cases will be aware that they've made a mistake after they've made the decision.  This is to be expected from time to time but yelling out abuse toward the Umpire (particularly when it's a "Junior" Umpire) will only reduce their level of confidence and increase their level of nervousness. 

Abuse of Umpires will not be tolerated by Miranda Bombers and any person doing so will be spoken to by the controlling Ground Manager, and if the abuse continues that person will be asked to leave the ground.  Abuse of Umpires is a breach of the Code of Conduct.


Constructive feedback from Coaches, Managers and Clubs are welcomed at all times.  If a Coach, Manager, Parent or Spectator wants to comment about the performance of an Umpire any such comment should be made to the Umpire Manager through their Club President.


We do not expect that the feedback will always be positive but we do expect that it is balanced and delivered in a constructive way.  It should be remembered that Umpire's often see the game from the opposite side of play from coaching staff and spectators.


Please do not approach the Umpire after the game as quite often the message is lost in the emotion of the moment.  Abuse toward an Umpire will not be tolerated at any time.  All feedback, both positive and negative can be directed firstly through your Coach/Team Manager who will forward this if necessary to the Club President for further action.


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