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 Team Structure 

With around 230 players, and 12 teams this year, the Club can only function if parents are involved in the team and game day responsibilities.  These roles need to be filled each week (some roles only at home games) include:

  • Coach
  • Assistant Coach
  • Manager
  • Runner
  • Trainer
  • Water Runner
  • Goal Umpire
  • Boundary Umpire
  • Time Keeper
  • Canteen & BBQ

The duties of the Coach, Assistant Coach and Manager are essentially:

The Coach - coaches the team;

The Assistant Coach - helps to organise players and assists the coach prepare for the game

The Manager - signs players on (for insurance purposes),ensures timekeeping, boundary and goal umpiring duties are met; and is the contact point for Team Roster, game changes, the Bombshell and club administration;

Game Day Ground Manager (home games only) - This position will be filled by a parent from the team playing at the time.  Duties include ensuring that the ground is safe and ready to play on, games run to schedule and liaise with visiting clubs, BBQ and canteen are manned, umpires have drinks and collect team sheets at completion of games.

Home Game Team Roster - Each team will be allocated a time slot on home games during the season that they will have responsibility for the ground duty and set up (in conjunction with Game Day Ground Manager) canteen and BBQ set up and running of these during the day.  This includes pack up and clean up at the completion of the last game.

Team managers are responsible for ensuring the allocated duties and time slots assigned to parents for the home game team roster are known and attended during home games. 

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